Au Retour d'Islande

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Au Retour d'Islande

Au Retour d'Islande - Traditional Restaurant - Gravelines

Combining prawns with pesto, salmon, bream green pepper, monkfish tail; before the homemade desserts ...

Gourmets will often offer the service "catering" the chief. Preparations of cold and hot dishes, crustacean, vegetables, meats and desserts feast receptions and family meals, especially the buffet dinners. One way to prolong the pleasures of this beautiful table of the Opal Coast

Here is a gastronomic restaurant breathing the soil. Located opposite the channel Aa, returning from Iceland is known for its seafood specialties and fish menus (grilled, soups ...). Jean Christophe Truant officiates in the kitchen.

His passion for cooking sea feeds on family history. The rear grandfather of his wife was captain of a boat leaving fish cod in Iceland. The decor recalls the local rich maritime past

Regional clientele alongside the Belgians connoisseurs. The fish is worked according to its seasonal arrivals. Salmon and halibut are smoked on site. Among the specialized sides, it notes a "foie gras of the sea" tasty, a "pot fisherman" very delicate, a "mash Méli-" surprising. Pastries, including the "Grand Marnier chiffon, jelly Bayles, zest and cinnamon." Jean-Chris- tophe Truant also launching low calorie menus.

Menus start at 18,50 euros: Seaman wide choice of five inputs, five courses (two meats), and dessert. AT

28.50 euros, the Captain of the menu is required. The must be the Admiral menu (39 euros), and its impressive seafood platter and smoked fish; followed by a pallet of Iceland fishermen

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